Current Oncology Has Been Accepted By Journal Selector

Multimed Inc. is proud to announce that its Current Oncology journal will now be included in Journal Selector. Journal Selector is a database of detailed profiles on the leading biomedical journals produced by PeerView, Inc. This resource assists authors in deciding which journal is most appropriate for the publication of their articles. Having an informed journal selection process maximizes the probability of acceptance for papers submitted by physicians and researchers. Being listed on this database is very prestigious for medical journals, as Journal Selector only approves of top journals that publish in a timely manner. Listed journals will be of great assistance to those who are submitting relevant papers, thus increasing the wealth of information provided in the journals. Additional information on Journal Selector is available at For further information as to how you can submit or sponsor a paper in Current Oncology, visit our website or contact Shannon Pais, marketing co-ordinator, Current Oncology, at