Current Oncology in the News!


We are pleased to inform you that an article recently published in Current Oncology has gained much attention throughout Canada.  In the article, the authors discussed the impending implications that HPV and throat cancer will have on healthcare resources.

Click here to read the article “The epidemic of human papillomavirus and oropharyngeal cancer in a Canadian population”

A.C. Nichols, D.A. Palma, S.S. Dhaliwal, S. Tan, J. Theuer, W. Chow, C. Rajakumar, S. Um, N. Mundi, S. Berk, R. Zhou, J. Basmaji, G. Rizzo, J.H. Franklin, K. Fung, K. Kwan, B. Wehrli, M.I. Salvadori, E. Winquist, S. Ernst, S. Kuruvilla, N. Read, V. Venkatesan, B. Todorovic, J.A. Hammond, J. Koropatnick, J.S. Mymryk, J. Yoo, J.W. Barrett

Curr Oncol 2013;20:212–9.


The National Post interviewed Dr. David Palma (one of the authors of the article) from the London Regional Cancer Centre.  Click here to read the article.

CTV Toronto later interviewed Dr. Palma live about the implications.  Click here to watch the interview or click on the image below.