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Alibhai, S.M.H., Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network (Canada)
Alizadeh, M., Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (Canada)
Aljiffry, M., King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia)
AlJohani, N.I., Dalhousie University, and Capital District Health Authority (Canada)
Alkhayyat, S., University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Allan, Sharon J, BC Cancer Agency
Allard, C., McMaster University (Canada)
Allen, C. J., St. Joseph’s Healthcare (Canada)
Allen, J., 3M Canada (Canada)
Alloul, K., Sanofi Canada (Canada)
Alloul, K., Sanofi-aventis Canada Inc. (Canada)
Almanric, K., Hôpital de la Cité-de-la-Santé (csss de Laval) (Canada)
Almenieir, N., King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
Almog, B., Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Alobaid, A., King Fahad Medical City (Saudi Arabia)
Aloisi, C., University of Messina (Italy)
Alomary, Ibraheem, Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre (Canada)
Aloyz, R., Segal Cancer Centre, Department of Oncology, division of Radiation Oncology, Jewish General Hospital, McGill University, Montreal, Qc. (Canada)
Alrijraji, E.A., McGill University Health Centre (Saudi Arabia)
Alruzug, I., McGill University Health Centre (Canada)
Alsaleh, K., King Saud University (India)
Alshami, J., McGill University Health Centre (Canada)
Altahan, R.M., Department of Surgery, Section of Hepatopancreatobiliary (Canada)
Altavilla, G., University of Messina (Italy)
Altman, A., University of Manitoba; CancerCare Manitoba; (Canada)
Altwairgi, A.K., King Fahad Medical City (Saudi Arabia)
Alvarez, G.G., University of Ottawa, Department of Medicine Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) (Canada)
Alvarez, Gonzalo
Alvi, R., Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (Canada)
Amadio, A., Mount Sinai Hospital (Canada)
Amanie, J., University of Alberta (Canada)
Amanie, J., University of Alberta, Cross Cancer Institute (Canada)
Amanie, J., Cross Cancer Institute and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. (Canada)
Amdahl, J., Policy Analysis Inc. (PAI) (United States)
Amdouni, S., McGill University Health Centre, Montreal Chest Institute (Canada)
Amid, A., Alberta Children's Hospital Calgary (Canada)
Amir, E., Princess Margaret Hospital; Toronto, (Canada)
Amir, E.
Amir, E., University of Toronto (Canada)
Amir, E., Princess Margaret Hospital (Canada)
Amirault, N., William Osler Health System (Canada)
Amonkar, M.M., GlaxoSmithKline (United States)
Amouzegar-Hashemi, Farnaz, Radiation Oncology Dept., Cancer Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Amouzgar-Hashemi, F., Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
Amre, R., McGill University (Canada)
Ancona, E., Division of General Surgery 1, University of Padova, School of Medicine, Padova, Italy (Italy)
and Neck Tumour Team, Members of the Alberta Provincial Head (Canada)
and Technical Working Group, in collaboration with the System Performance Steering Committee (Canada)
and the Technical Working Group, in collaboration with the System Performance Steering Committee (Canada)
Anders, R., The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (United States)
Anderson, D., BC Cancer Agency–Abbotsford Centre (Canada)
Anderson, G.M., Women’s College Research Institute (Canada)
Anderson, H., BC Cancer Agency (Canada)
Anderson, J., Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre (Canada)
Anderson, M., Université Laval (Canada)
Ando, M., National Cancer Center Hospital (Japan)
Andrašina, Z., Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
Andrei, A.Z., McGill University (Canada)
Andres, E.N., H. Krueger and Associates Inc. (Canada)
Ang, C.
Aning, J., The Vancouver Prostate Centre (Canada)
Anthony, Lowell B., University Hospital, LSUHSC New Orleans
Antonangelo, L., University of São Paulo Medical School (Brazil)
Antoniol, G., École Polytechnique de Montréal (Canada)
Antonyshyn, O. (Canada)
Aoki, M., Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine (Japan)
Appell, R., cancerCare Manitoba (Canada)
Aprikian, A. G., McGill University (Canada)
Aprikian, A., McGill University Health Centre, Division of Urology, Department of Urology (Canada)
Aprikian, A.G., McGill University (Canada)
Aranaout, A., The Ottawa Hospital (Canada)
Arbour-Gagnon, Rachelle, Epidemiology Research Unit, Regional Cancer Program of the Sudbury Regional Hosp
Arcand, R., Institut national de santé publique du Québec (Canada)
Arcediano, A. (Spain)
Arellano, J., Amgen (United States)
Arena, G., McGill University (Canada)
Arif, S.
Armour, Tanya
Armstrong, D., McMaster University Medical Centre (Canada)
Arnaout, A., Ottawa Hospital; The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Canada)
Arnaout, A., University of Ottawa and Ottawa General Hospital (Canada)
Arnaout, A., Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (Canada)
Arnaout, A., The Ottawa Hospital and University of Ottawa (Canada)
Arnaout, A., The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (Canada)
Arnaout, A., The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Arnaout, A., The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; University of Ottawa; The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (Canada)
Arnaout, A., Ottawa General Hospital; University of Ottawa (Canada)
Arnold, A., McMaster University (Canada)
Aronson, M., Mount Sinai Hospital (Canada)
Aronyk, K., University of Alberta (Canada)
Arroyo, M. (Spain)
Arthurs, E., Cancer Care Ontario (Canada)
Asakawa, K., Statistics Canada (Canada)
Ash, Robert, London Regional Cancer Program (Canada)
Ashamalla, H., Weill Cornell Medical College (United States)
Ashbury, F., University of Toronto (Canada)
Ashbury, F.D., Intelligent Improvement Consultants, Inc. (Canada)
Ashbury, Fredrick D, Piceps Consultants Inc. (Canada)
Ashworth, A., Queen’s University Cancer Research Institute and Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario (Canada)
Ashworth, A., Queens University, Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario–Kingston General Hospital (Canada)

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