Job Posting: Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket seeks Medical Oncologist to join growing oncology program


Medical Oncologist

Life. Career. Balance. Experience it. Only at Southlake.

Southlake Regional Health Centre is seeking an additional (7th) Medical Oncologist to join an exceptional group of 6 full-time Medical Oncologists in the state-of-the art Stronach Regional Cancer Centre. Seeing upwards of 1,500 new cases per year, we oversee the treatment of the majority of malignancies, including hematologic malignancies. We have an active clinical trials program that we are now committed to growing. The desired individual will be a team player well versed in general oncology and bring a dynamic enthusiasm to help take our program to the next level. Ideally, the individual could begin in March 2015, but a date of July 1, 2015 would be acceptable.

The cancer program is supported by a full complement of subspecialty medical staff supporting a number of regional tertiary care programs, including cancer, cardiac and thoracic, with the department of medicine comprised of over 70 active staff subspecialty members. In addition, we enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art laboratory and pathology services and full surgical and radiology support services.

Southlake ( is a premier practice destination, with some of the highest physician satisfaction scores in the province, as well as outstanding facilities and outcomes. We are a Centre of Excellence striving to always push the envelope of opportunity and success. Our unwavering focus is on our patients and their families, promoting efficient and effective, safe and evidence-based care to our patients while providing staff and physicians with the same environment.

Newmarket is located in York Region, part of the Central LHIN, on the northern edge of the Greater Toronto Area.

Candidates must be certified by the RCPSC and licensed to practise medicine in Ontario. For more information about Southlake and the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, please visit our website. Interested physicians should submit their interest along with curriculum vitae to:

Michele Skerratt

Medical Staff Affairs Specialist

Southlake Regional Health Centre

596 Davis Drive

Newmarket, ON  L3Y 2P9

Tel: 905-895-4521, ext. 2122

Fax: 905-853-2217


We thank everyone for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Posted: 2014-12-11

Journal Announcement: New Impact Factor of 1.643 for Current Oncology!


We are pleased to announce to our readers that Current Oncology’s 2013 Impact Factor has increased to 1.643! This is an increase from our 2012 stats, where we received an impact factor of 1.625.

The journal impact factor is a measure of citation frequency that reflects the average number of citations to articles published in science and social science journals. Impact factors are calculated annually for those journals that are indexed in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. The impact factor of a journal in a given year is the average number of citations a paper published in that journal received during the two previous years. The impact factor is often used to rank the relative importance and scientific caliber of a journal within its field.

Our 2013 Impact Factor is a significant achievement for the journal, and demonstrates the increased recognition of Current Oncology in the field, and the improved relevance and quality of our articles. Thank you to our team of Editors and Section Editors, Reviewers and Authors for their valuable contribution to the journal. We look forward to continued success in 2014 as the journal continues to strengthen and grow!

Multimed Inc.
Publisher of Current Oncology

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GIOTRIF® (afatinib) approved by Health Canada for patients with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung with activating EGFR mutation


On November 6, 2013, Health Canada approved GIOTRIF® (afatinib) a targeted, oral once-daily tyrosine kinase inhibitor and the first irreversible ErbB Family Blocker approved for the treatment of EGFR mutation positive tyrosine kinase inhibitor naïve patients with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lung with activating EGFR mutation(s) tablets.

In clinical trials, GIOTRIF® has been shown to offer patients with EGFR mutation positive NSCLC a significant delay in tumour progression,[i] coupled with improvements in their lung cancer related symptoms versus standard chemotherapy.[i]

Dr. Vera Hirsh, GIOTRIF® clinical trial investigator and medical oncologist at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal says, “The approval of GIOTRIF® is an exciting advancement because it works differently than other drugs in its class, by irreversibly blocking multiple EGFR pathways involved in tumour growth.”

GIOTRIF®’s unique mode of action enables it to block EGFR (ErbB1) as well as the other relevant members of the ErbB Family. The covalent and, therefore, irreversible binding of GIOTRIF® is unlike other compounds currently on the market which are reversible in that it provides a sustained, selective, and complete ErbB Family Blockade.[i],[ii]

Discovered and developed by Boehringer Ingelheim, GIOTRIF® is the first Health Canada-approved oncology product from the company.



[i] Solca F, Dahl G, Zoephel A, et al. Target binding properties and cellular activity of afatinib (BIBW 2992), an irreversible ErbB family blocker. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2012;343:342-50.

[ii]  Reid A, Vidal L, Shaw H, do Bono J. Dual inhibition of ErbB1 (EGFR/HER1) and ErbB2 (HER2/neu). Eur J Cancer 2007;43:481-9.

Posted: 2013-11-25

Congratulations to our Deputy Editor – Dr. Phil Gold for winning the 2013 Prix du Québec award!


Congratulations to our Deputy Editor – Dr. Phil Gold for winning the 2013 Prix du Québec award! Dr. Gold will be awarded the Wilder-Penfield Prize for his work in the ground-breaking discovery of the carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA).

The CEA was discovered in 1965 by Dr. Gold and his colleague, Samuel Freedman. This discovery revolutionized cancer research and is now the most frequently used blood test in modern oncology. The discovery of the CEA also launched the field of oncodevelopmental biology.

Thank you for your important contribution to oncology, Dr. Gold!

Posted: 2013-11-20

Current Oncology in the News!


We are pleased to inform you that an article recently published in Current Oncology has gained much attention throughout Canada.  In the article, the authors discussed the impending implications that HPV and throat cancer will have on healthcare resources.

Click here to read the article “The epidemic of human papillomavirus and oropharyngeal cancer in a Canadian population”

A.C. Nichols, D.A. Palma, S.S. Dhaliwal, S. Tan, J. Theuer, W. Chow, C. Rajakumar, S. Um, N. Mundi, S. Berk, R. Zhou, J. Basmaji, G. Rizzo, J.H. Franklin, K. Fung, K. Kwan, B. Wehrli, M.I. Salvadori, E. Winquist, S. Ernst, S. Kuruvilla, N. Read, V. Venkatesan, B. Todorovic, J.A. Hammond, J. Koropatnick, J.S. Mymryk, J. Yoo, J.W. Barrett

Curr Oncol 2013;20:212–9.


The National Post interviewed Dr. David Palma (one of the authors of the article) from the London Regional Cancer Centre.  Click here to read the article.

CTV Toronto later interviewed Dr. Palma live about the implications.  Click here to watch the interview or click on the image below.

Posted: 2013-08-14

Current Oncology Author Survey Results - Now Available!


Author survey results are available now – 89% of respondents highly satisfied or satisfied with overall publishing experience! Further results available at

Posted: 2013-05-23

Current Oncology Author Survey – Winner of iPad mini Announced!


Thank you to our contributors who completed our author survey, we truly value your feedback.

All participants who completed the survey were entered into a draw for a chance to win an iPad mini. The winner of the iPad mini is Dr. Tom Oliver. Congratulations!

Posted: 2013-05-08

Follow @CurrentOncology on Twitter!


Current Oncology, Canada’s premier oncology journal, is now on Twitter!

We invite you to connect with us to receive immediate updates regarding the journal, and the latest in Canadian oncology research.

Posted: 2013-05-01

Current Oncology Readership Survey – Winner of iPad mini Announced!


Thank you to our readers who completed our readership survey, we truly value your feedback.

All participants who completed the survey were entered into a draw for a chance to win an iPad mini. The winner of the iPad mini is Dr. Ryna Levy-Milne from British Columbia. Congratulations!

Posted: 2013-01-07

Impact Factor for Current Oncology increases to 2.473!

We are pleased to announce to our readers that Current Oncology’s 2011 Impact Factor has increased to 2.473! We also received a ranking of 103 out of 194 oncology journals. This is a significant increase from our 2010 stats, where we received our first impact factor of 1.820 and ranking of 129 out of 184 journals.
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Euthanasia Debate


We have all heard much about the controversial topic of euthanasia, especially during the recent months in Canada.

An editorial titled, “Should there be a legal right to die?” by Dr. David Benatar appeared in the December 2010 issue of Current Oncology, which prompted an opinion piece by Dr. José Pereira titled, “Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls” in the April 2011 issue.

These articles ignited a lot of controversy and compelled Current Oncology to develop a series of special articles dedicated to this timely and very much debated topic of euthanasia and assisted suicide for our readership.

These articles, published in the June issue of Current Oncology, are presented for our readers to review and judge for themselves.

Click on the links below to view articles from this special series.

  1. Pereira’s attack on legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: smoke and mirrors
  2. Casting stones and casting aspersions: let’s not lose sight of the main issues in the euthanasia debate
  3. Assisted death and the slippery slope—finding clarity amid advocacy, convergence, and complexity

We invite you to join us in the debate on a timely topic relevant to the medical community! Further correspondence is encouraged, and Current Oncology has the ideal forum: the Cancer Knowledge Network, which opinions can be expressed and where dialogue is encouraged.

Posted: 2012-06-26

The Québec Pancreas Cancer Study (QPCS) is enrolling patients and families affected by pancreatic cancer


The QPCS is a clinic-based study with the goal of characterizing the epidemiologic and hereditary factors associated with pancreatic cancer. Biospecimens are also being collected for biomarker, tumour biology, and cancer microenvironment investigations.

All patients with a diagnosis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma are eligible to participate. If there is a family history of pancreatic cancer, relatives of patients with pancreatic cancer may also participate. Patients and their relatives can be referred to the QPCS using our web site (

Study participants are asked to complete family and personal history questionnaires and to donate a blood or saliva sample. If a participant lives outside the Montreal area or is unable to attend the QPCS research clinic, collection of samples will be done at or close to the participant’s home. Only patients undergoing surgery at the McGill University Health Centre will be asked to donate a small portion of their resection specimen for tumour biology studies.

Each participant will have an opportunity to discuss the study with a QPCS genetic counsellor. The QPCS is affiliated with McGill University, the McGill University Health Centre and the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre.  For more information, please see or contact Dr. George Zogopoulos (

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Meeting/Conference: Current Oncology Scholars’ Forum & Workshop, May-June 2012, Guangzhou, China


Current Oncology Scholars’s Forum & Workshop will be held in May - June 2012, in Guangzhou, China. The forum/workshop welcomes research articles from scientists, doctors and research scholars involved in the area of cancer therapy from all over the world to publish high quality and refereed papers. There will be an issue of Current Oncology publishing accepted papers for this forum/workshop, which are selected through rigorous peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. Dr. Qiang Yu, Senior Group Leader, Genome Institute of Singapore, will be the guest editor for this issue. Please follow the relavant link below to format your manuscript For paper contribution or other further inquiries, please send email to, or

Posted: 2011-10-20

Meeting/Conference: Best of Oncology 2011, December 2, Toronto, ON – top advances and clinically relevant updates for 7 tumor sites

Registration is now open!  
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Current Oncology welcomes readers and authors from the Chinese Oncology Community


We would like to welcome to the Current Oncology team, Dr. Yu (Darwin) Cai as our new Associate Editor in China. Dr. Cai is a Professor from Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.

The journal has partnered with Dr. Cai to encourage more submissions to the journal from Chinese Oncologists, as well as expand our online readership in China.

Dr. Cai’s role is to encourage more submissions to the journal through different academic events including conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Contributions from Chinese authors will help to further increase the international reach and impact of the journal.

We look forward to working with Dr. Cai and welcome submissions from his colleagues.

Posted: 2011-08-31

New for 2011 – Author Fees

As of January 7, 2011, Current Oncology will be implementing Article Processing Fees (APF) and Extra Page Charges (EPC).  
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Managing Prostate Cancer in 2010 and Beyond: A Canadian Perspective Supplement is Now Available Online!


Managing Prostate Cancer in 2010 and Beyond: A Canadian Perspective; a supplement to Current Oncology, is now available online!

Posted: 2010-09-15 More...

Optimal Management of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer with the Anti-EGFR Monoclonal Antibodies Supplement is Now Available Online!


Optimal Management of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer with the Anti-EGFR Monoclonal Antibodies; a supplement to Current Oncology, is now available online!

Coming soon to Current Oncology! A supplemental issue on the management of Prostate Cancer, edited by Dr. Fred Saad.

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Become a Reviewer

Register today to become a reviewer for Current Oncology!  
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Multimed Inc. proud to represent Current Oncology at the 2009 ASCO Annual Meeting!


Multimed Inc., publisher of Current Oncology, was pleased to attend the 2009 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting May 29 to June 2 in Orlando, Florida.

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Integrative Oncology: A Canadian and International Perspective is now available online

Integrative Oncology: A Canadian and International Perspective is available online. The supplement to Current Oncology includes papers by selected presenters from the Integrating Wellness into Cancer Care Conference that was held at the University of Toronto on October 4-5th, 2007.  
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Current Oncology selected for coverage in Thomson Reuters

Beginning with 2008 issues, Current Oncology will be indexed and abstracted in the Scientific Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition.  
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Create a User Account Today!

Create a user account on the Current Oncology website to take advantage special benefits only available to registered users.  
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Current Oncology is Now Included in Pub Med

Multimed Inc. is pleased to announce that Current Oncology has been accepted to Pubmed Central.  
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Current Oncology Has Added a Reprint Page to its Website

As Current Oncology is growing in the Canadian and International marketplace, there is an increasing demand for reprints and licensing fees across the globe.  
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Current Oncology is Now HONCode Accredited

Current Oncology has been HONCode accredited as it is in full compliance with HonCode’s 8 principles.  
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Current Oncology is Now Added to LinkOut

Multimed Inc. is pleased to announce that Current Oncology is now a part of LinkOut from PubMed Central! Inclusion by such a high quality archival database helps significantly increase Current Oncology’s visibility.  
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Current Oncology Has Been Accepted By Journal Selector

Multimed Inc. is pleased to announce that Current Oncology has been accepted by Journal Selector.  
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Current Oncology is now catalogued in the World Health Organization's HINARI project.  
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Directory of Open Access Journals

Current Oncology has been added to the Directory of Open Access Journals hosted and maintained by Lund University.  
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Current Oncology Upgrades Website

Multimed Inc. is pleased to announce the upgrade of the Current Oncology Website including the newest version of the Public Knowledge Project Open Journal System (PKP).  
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