Future Table of Contents

Future Table of Contents

Volume 24, Number 2

The Two Solitudes of Primary Care and Cancer Specialist Care: Is There a Bridge?
E. Grunfeld

Ovarian cancer survival: Manitoba Ovarian Cancer Outcomes (MOCO) study group
P. Lambert, K. Galloway, A. Altman, M. Nachtigal, D. Turner

Metformin and breast cancer stage at diagnosis: a population-based study
I. Lega, K. Fung, P.C. Austin, L. Lipscombe

The role of family physicians in cancer care: Perspectives of primary and specialty care providers
J. Easley, B. Miedema, M.A. O'Brien, J. Carroll, D. Manca, F. Webster, E. Grunfeld

Utilization of physician services during the survivorship phase: a multi-province study of women diagnosed with breast cancer
C.L. Kendell, K.M. Decker, P.A. Groome, M.L. McBride, L. Jiang, M.K. Krzyzanowska, G. Porter, D. Turner, R. Urquhart, M. Winget, E. Grunfeld

Treatment and Outcome of Glioblastoma in the Elderly: A Population-Based Study
E.R. Morgan, A. Norman, K. Laing, M. Seal

Contextualizing oncologic imaging utilization within treatment phases: Imaging trends and modality preferences from 2000 to 2014
T.P. Copeland, J.M. Creasman, D.J. Seidenwurm, B.L. Franc

Sentinal node necrosis is an negative prognostic factor in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A study of 252 patients with MR Imaging
L. Lu, X. Wei, Y. Li, W. Li

Prognostic and Predictive Value of Low Estrogen Receptor Expression in Breast Cancer
A. Bouchard-Fortier, L. Provencher, C. Blanchette, C. Diorio

Factors influencing treatment selection and survival in advanced lung cancer
S. Tabchi

Characteristics predicting allogeneic stem cell transplantation outcomes in relapsed AML
J.B. Frazer, S. Couban, S. Doucette, S. Shivakumar

A Population-Based Assessment of Primary Care Visits During Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
E. Grunfeld

Multi-gene expression profile testing in breast cancer: Is there a role for family physicians?
M.A. O'Brien, J.C. Carroll, D.P. Manca, B. Miedema, P.A. Groome, T. Makuwaza, J. Easley, N. Sopcak, L. Jiang, K. Decker, M.L. McBride, R. Moineddin, J.A. Permaul, R. Heisey, E.A. Eisenhauer, M.K. Krzyzanowska, P. Sandhya, C. Sawka, N. Schneider, J. Sussman, R. Urquhart, C. Versaevel, E. Grunfeld

Rising rates of colorectal cancer among younger Iranians, is diet to blame?
M.A. Kerachian, S.H. Arani

Improving Molecular Testing and Personalized Medicine in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Ontario
C. Lim, H.S. Sekhon, J.-C. Cutz, D.M. Hwang, S. Kamel-Reid, R.F. Carter, G. da Cunha Santos, T. Waddell, M. Binnie, M.V. Patel, N. Paul, T. Chung, A. Brade, R. El-Maraghi, C. Sit, M.-S. Tsao, N.B. Leighl

Uptake of personalized medicine tests in breast cancer practice: views of academic and community-based oncologists
M.A. O'Brien, S. Dhesy-Thind, C. Charles, M. Hammond Mobilio, N.B. Leighl, E. Grunfeld

Comparative Survival in Patients with Brain Metastases From Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treated Before and After Implementation of Radiosurgery
J.N. Greenspoon

Measuring Quality Care in Localized Renal Cell Cancer: Utilization of Appropriate Preoperative Investigations in a Population based Cohort
N. Moideen, K. Marzouk, K. Thompson, L.A. Wood

Systemic Therapy in the Curative Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer: Guideline Recommendations
E. Winquist, C.A. Agbassi, B.M. Meyers, J. Yoo, K. Chan

Two peas in a pod, or oil and vinegar? Oncology and primary care in Canada.
M. Brouwers

How different is cancer control across Canada? Comparing performance indicators on prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment
R. Rahal, J. Chadder, K. DeCaria, G. Lockwood, H. Bryant

Systemic visual knowledge translation for breast and colorectal cancer research
P. Jones

Meeting the Needs of the Aging Population: The Canadian Network on Aging and Cancer (CNAC)
M.T.E. Puts, T. Hsu, E. Szumacher, S. Sattar, S. Toubasi, C. Rosario, E. Brain, W. Duggleby, C. Mariano, S. Mohile, H. Muss, M. Trudeau, D. Wan-Chow-Wah, C. Wong, S. Alibhai

Consultative Workshop Proceedings of the Canadian Team to Improve Community-Based Cancer Care along the Continuum (CanIMPACT)
E. Grunfeld, B. Petrovic


Upcoming in Current Oncology

Understanding disparities in access to palliative care for the homeless population living in Toronto: a stakeholder analysis.
B. Henry, N. Dosani, L. Huynh, N. Amirault

The Effect of Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease on Recurrence Rate and Liver Regeneration After Liver Resection for Colorectal Liver Metastases
N.W. Molla, M. Hassanain, Z. Fadel, A. Madkhali, R. Altahan, E. Alrijraji, E. Simoneau, H. Alamri, A. Salman, Z. Gao, P. Metrakos

Ovarian Function Following Chemotherapy Among Young Breast Cancer Survivors
K. Morarji, O. McArdle, K. Hui, G. Gingras-Hill, S. Ahmed, E.M. Greenblatt, E. Warner, S. Sridhar, A.M.F. Ali, A. Azad, D.C. Hodgson

Diagnostic value of EGF, CA125, and CA153 in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of lung cancer
S. Sun, M. Chen, C. Cao

Searching for a reliable means of predicting permanent Trastuzumab induced cardiotoxici
M. Rushton, C. Johnson, S. Dent

Guideline for radiotherapy with curative intent in patients with early stage, medically inoperable, non-small cell lung cancer
E. Vella

The Cost of Efficiency: Budget impact analysis of a breast rapid diagnostic unit
M. Elmi, H. Hussain, S. Nofech-Mozes, B. Curpen, A. Leahey, N. Look Hong

Linkage of clinical trial and administrative data: a survey of cancer patients’ preferences
A. Hay

Resource utilization and costs of managing patients with advanced melanoma: a Canadian population-based study
F. Gwadry-Sridhar, S. Nikan, A. Hamou, S.J. Seung, T. Petrella, A.M. Joshua, S. Ernst, N. Mittmann

Breast MRI: Are Those Who Need It Getting It?
S. Tan, J. David, L. Lalonde, M. El Khoury, M. Labelle, R. Younan, E. Patocskai, J.R. Chesney,  I. Trop

Multidisciplinary Retroperitoneal and Pelvic Soft Tissue Sarcoma Case Conferences: The Added Value Radiologists Can Provide
R. Lim, A. Kielar, M. Fraser, C. Nessim, S. Thipphavong

Current practice for Total Body Irradiation: Results of a Canada-wide Survey
R.C.N. Studinski, D. Fraser, R. Samant, M. MacPherson

Efficacy of metronomic vinorelbine in elderly fragile patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer and poor performance status
C. Bilir, S. Durak, B. Kızılkaya, İ. Hacıbekiroglu, E. Nayır, H. Engin

Extrahepatic Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Arising from a Hepatic Adenoma Without Concurrent Intrahepatic Recurrence
N. Poddar, R. Ramlal, S. Ravulapati, S. M Devlin, S. Gadani, C.I. Vidal, D. Cao, A.S. Befeler, J. Lai

Rehabilitation and exercise oncology program: translating research to a model of care
M.A.Dalzell, N. Smirnow, W. Sateren, A. Sintharaphone, M. Ibrahim, L. Mastroianni, L.D. Vales Zambrano, S. O'Brien

Clinical results of accelerated hypofractionated radiotherapy for small central lung tumors
Y. Hatayama

Lessons Learned Implementing a Province-Wide Smoking Cessation Initiative in Ontario’s Cancer
W.K. Evans

Molecular progression in unusual recurrent non-pediatric intracranial clear cell meningioma
B. Domingo-Arrué, R. Gil-Benso, J. Megías, L. Navarro, T. San-Miguel, L. Muñoz-Hidalgo, C. López-Ginés, M. Cerdá-Nicolá

An analysis of Nanny Angel Network (NAN) and the benefits of free childcare for mothers diagnosed with cancer
L. Cohen, N. Schwartz, A. Guth, A. Kiss, E. Warner

Orbital mass as first presentation of metastatic p16+ oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
J. Corbett, D. Wilke, J. Trites, N. Lamond

Successful Treatment of Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis in an Adult with Acute Leukemia: Case Report and Literature Review
C. Rotstein

Management of EGFR Mutated NSCLC: Practical Implications from a Clinical and Pathology
M.S. Tsao

Canadian Oncologists Experiences with Difficult Patient Deaths and Coping Strategies
L. Granek

Development and pretesting of a rehabilitation planning consult for head and neck cancer
S.E. McEwen, C. Dunphy, J.N. Rios, A. Davis, J. Jones, A. Lam, R. Martino, J. Ringash

Communication and Informed Consensus....A Story
E. Aitini

Feasibility of Assessing Patient Health Benefits and Incurred Costs from Early Dysphagia Intervention during and immediately following Chemoradiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer
R. Martino, J. Ringash, L. Durkin, E. Greco, S. Hui-Huang, W. Xu, C. Longo

Physician “Out of Office” alert: does it work?
M. Clemons, A.A. Joy, J. Hilton, A. Arnaout, M. Brackstone, P. Wheatley-Price, C. Stober, R. Dinniwell, S. Mazzarello, M. da Costa, B. Hutton

Patterns of failure in anaplastic and differentiated thyroid carcinomas treated with external beam
M.E. Giuliani

Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma: Case report and options for systemic therapy
N. Chooback, Y. Shen, M. Jones, K. Kasaian, M. Martin, T. Ng, T. Thompson, M. Marra, J. Laskin, C. Ho

Interventions to address sexual problems in people with cancer clinical practice guideline
C. Zwaal