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Established in 1994, Current Oncology is a peer-reviewed, Canadian based and Internationally distributed journal. Published bi-monthly plus special supplemental issues, Current Oncology represents a multidisciplinary medium encompassing health care workers in the field of cancer therapy to report upon and to review progress in the management of this disease. Current Oncology is published by Multimed Inc.

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Journal Announcement: New Impact Factor of 1.829 for Current Oncology!


We are pleased to announce to our readers that Current Oncology’s 2015 Impact Factor has increased to 1.829! This is an increase from our 2014 stats, where we received an impact factor of 1.785.

The journal impact factor is a measure of citation frequency that reflects the average number of citations to articles published in science and social science journals. Impact factors are calculated annually for those journals that are indexed in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. The impact factor of a journal in a given year is the average number of citations a paper published in that journal received during the two previous years. The impact factor is often used to rank the relative importance and scientific caliber of a journal within its field.

Our 2015 Impact Factor is a significant achievement for the journal, and demonstrates the increased recognition of Current Oncology in the field, and the improved relevance and quality of our articles. Thank you to our team of Editors and Section Editors, Reviewers and Authors for their valuable contribution to the journal. We look forward to continued success in 2016 as the journal continues to strengthen and grow!

Multimed Inc.
Publisher of Current Oncology

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Meeting/Conference: Atlantic Canada Oncology Group Annual CME, Halifax, June 18-19, 2016


ACOG will host our 20th annual education event in Halifax on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, June 18-19. Registration includes a lobster dinner and social event on the waterfront Friday evening.

The meeting will focus on breast cancer and a variety of other topics. Details of the program and registration are posted at, or email

Posted: 2016-04-04

Journal Announcement: Current Oncology, Vol 23, Suppl 2 - Now Published!


Use of Cannabinoids in Cancer Care

Multimed Inc. is pleased to announce that Current Oncology has published a supplement dedicated to the use of cannabinoids in cancer care.Edited by Dr. Mark Ware, this issue brings together the work of some of the leading minds around the world who have dedicated themselves and their laboratories to understanding the role of cannabis and cannabinoids in the pathophysiology and management of cancer. This collection of papers takes us on a journey from bedside to bench and back, and provides a series of important signposts that will help to chart a path to better cancer care.

We would like to thank all of the contributing authors for their work on this special supplement. We would also like to send a special thank you to Dr. Mark Ware for his hard work and dedication in bringing this supplement to fruition.

Publication of this supplement was made possible through an unrestricted grant from Mettrum to the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC). We sincerely thank Mettrum for their support of this project and for their ongoing commitment to research and education in cannabinoid medicine.

To view the full Table of Contents, please click here.

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Vol 23, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


Original Article(s)

Biomarkers in Oncology

P. Mondello, M. Mian, V. Pitini, S. Cuzzocrea, A. Sindoni, M. Galletti, M. Mandolfino, D. Santoro, S. Mondello, C. Aloisi, G. Altavilla, S. Benvenga
A. Wang, R. Ramjeesingh, C.H. Chen, D. Hurlbut, N. Hammad, L.M. Mulligan, C. Nicol, H.E. Feilotter, S. Davey

Cancer Control and Prevention

W.K. Evans, W.M. Flanagan, A.B. Miller, J.R. Goffin, S. Memon, N. Fitzgerald, M.C. Wolfson

Geriatric Oncology

P. Lai, S. Sud, T. Zhang, T. Asmis, P. Wheatley-Price

Medical Economics

H.H. Thein, Y. Qiao, S.K. Young, W. Zarin, E.M. Yoshida, C. de Oliveira, C.C. Earle
G. Nelson, L.N. Kiyang, A. Chuck, N.X. Thanh, L.M. Gramlich
J.H.E Yong, T. McGowan, R. Redmond-Misner, J. Beca, P. Warde, E. Gutierrez, J.S. Hoch

Medical Oncology

A. Srikanthan, S.S. Gill, K.K.W. Chan
S. Lupichuk, D. Tilley, X. Kostaras, A.A. Joy
A. Mamo, J. Easaw, F. Ibnshamsah, A. Baig, Y.S. Rho, T. Kavan, G. Batist, P. Kavan

Oncology Education

M.R. Sung, P.M. Ellis, S. Verma, E. Duncan, N.B. Leighl

Palliative Care

D. Rodin, B. Banihashemi, L. Wang, A. Lau, S. Harris, W. Levin, R. Dinniwell, B.A. Millar, C. Chung, N. Laperriere, A. Bezjak, R.K.S. Wong
S. Yang, S. Li, H. Yu, S. Li, W. Liu, X. Liu, H. Ma

Radiation Oncology

J. Shahi, J.R. Wright, Z. Gabos, A. Swaminath

Review Article(s)

Practice Guideline(s)

B. Melosky, J. Agulnik, R. Albadine, S. Banerji, D.G. Bebb, D. Bethune, N. Blais, C. Butts, P. Cheema, P. Cheung, V. Cohen, J. Deschenes, D.N. Ionescu, R. Juergens, S. Kamel-Reid, S.A. Laurie, G. Liu, W. Morzycki, M.S. Tsao, Z. Xu, V. Hirsh

Short Communication(s)

J. Liu, J. Chadder, S. Fung, G. Lockwood, R. Rahal, M. Halligan, D. Mowat, H. Bryant
R. Ramphal, S. Aubin, P. Czaykowski, S. De Pauw, A. Johnson, S. McKillop, D. Szwajcer, K. Wilkins, P. Rogers
A. Arnaout, I. Kuchuk, N. Bouganim, G. Pond, S. Verma, R. Segal, S. Dent, S. Gertler, X. Song, F. Kanji, M. Clemons
K. Zibrik, J. Laskin, C. Ho

Meeting Report(s)

Meeting Abstract(s)

Letter(s) to the Editor